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Training Games and Simulations

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  • During my career as a researcher, teacher, trainer, consultant and executive, I have developed many useful training games, simulations, role plays etc !  The top one is the "Valuing the values" published in a book from American Society of Training and Development(ASTD),   You will be able to download them and use them..!  

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Conference talks and presentations

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Ph.D Thesis" Sense of Responsibility and Effects of Stressful Experiences"!

Sethu Madhavan Puravangara

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Puravangara, Sethu Madhavan, Sense of Responsibility and the Effects of Stress Experience (1992).
Abstract available at :
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Abstract: This is my Ph.D thesis submitted to Allahabad University. The study explored the effect of Sense of Responsibility as a third variable in the relationship between stress and strain.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 428

Keywords: Sense of Responsibility, Stress, Strain, Social Support, India, Psychology, Allahabad

working papers series

Publications and Articles

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